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Crude Oil Market Coverage

Helping you to make more effective commercial and trading decisions


Providing clarity on the crude oil market

FGE’s crude oil market coverage delivers independent and timely analysis, insights and data forecasts of short- and long-term supply, demand, pricing, trade, and inventories, to help market participants drive their business forward in an ever-competitive environment.

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  • Introduction

    It’s imperative that businesses involved in the oil market are kept informed of upcoming market shifts in a timely manner so they can respond to these changes quickly, adjust their business strategies accordingly and stay ahead of the competition. Our quick response to market developments, unique industry insights and accurate short- and long-term forecasting of significant shifts in crude oil fundamentals and pricing will help you make more effective commercial and trading decisions and allow you to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

    We analyze the crude oil sector at a country, regional and global level to provide comprehensive analysis of the key markets that make up the global picture. By doing so, our service allows you to examine commercial activities on a more granular scale, as well as better understand what’s driving the global market.

  • Analysis and insights

    In our reports we deliver unique insights and independent ‘so what?’ analysis of the key events impacting the market. We present our analysis in a timely manner and respond quickly to changes in the market, to help our clients identify shifts and short-term trading opportunities. Our unique insights are built on decades-old relationships with key players in the oil market that other companies don’t have access to.

  • Data analytics

    With our detailed macroeconomic analytics, you will be able to identify clear emerging trends, structural changes and seasonal patterns determining future supply/demand balances and driving short-term trading decisions. In addition, you will also have access to our trusted crude price forecasts and differentials up to 2040* for the main crudes (Platts Dated Brent, WTI, Dubai, Urals Med). All our crude supply/demand analytics can be seamlessly integrated into your own system, allowing the user to manipulate the data or compare it internally.

    FGE has helped clients across the oil value chain for more than 36 years by providing accurate forecasts, specialist analysis from leading industry experts, and independent commercial support. Our proprietary databases have been developed and curated over decades, and our data models have regularly predicted key market movements and events.

  • What you will get

    As part of our crude oil coverage, clients will receive regular reports, alerts, advisories and commentaries in email or PDF format, regularly updated Excel data sets, direct access to our online client portal and oil online data platform*, contact with our expert consultants/analysts via email/conference-call/telephone/in-person meetings, invites to complementary market update webinars and ongoing consultations with key members of our oil team.

    * Depending on the level of coverage taken

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How we can help you

Key features


98% of world oil supply and demand analyzed


Crude output by field/well/company


Crude pricing/differentials for mainstream crudes

Including Platts Dated Brent, WTI, Dubai, Urals Med


Crude price forecasts out to 2040*

A combination of short- and long-term forecasts are available, depending on your package


Analysis of crude exports by source and destination


80+ crude routes assessed and forecast out to 2030

Detailed coverage

Deep-dive on regional and country level analysis

Country Level Coverage

Research & Analysis

East of Suez Oil Service

East of Suez Oil Service

FGE’s leading oil service, providing clients with the very best data and analytics, analysis, and insights on the Asia Pacific and Middle East crude oil and oil products markets for over 30 years.
Short-Term Global Oil Service

Short-Term Global Oil Service

FGE’s Short-Term Global Oil Service provides up-to-date analysis of the key events and data affecting the oil markets, together with consistent forecasts of future developments.
World Oil Market Reports

World Oil Market Reports

FGE’s World Oil Market Reports, part of the core Short-Term Global Oil Market Service, encompass the key elements of FGE’s global oil service including refining, oil products, crude oil and key fundamental developments in the oil market.
Long-Term Global Oil Service

Long-Term Global Oil Service

FGE’s Long-Term Global Oil Market Service gives a holistic view on the future of crude and products supply/demand/pricing, the global refining operating environment, and crude and products trade.

Data Services

FGE's Oil Online Data System (ODS)

Oil Online Data System (ODS)

FGE’s Oil Online Data Service (ODS) allows clients to flexibly query FGE’s proprietary supply and demand data for crude and refined products at a country or regional level, allowing you to identify potential pressure points and regional flows.

Annual Reports

Crude Trade Study

Crude Trade Study

In a world of rising US production and OPEC output cuts, we assess how the world's crude slate will change over the coming years.
Strategic Outlook for Energy

Strategic Outlook for Energy

The annual Strategic Outlook for Energy is FGE’s core analytical report for its perspectives on future developments in the energy transition, oil demand, supply and prices to 2050.
Oil Databooks

Oil Databooks

The East of Suez Oil Databooks provide a deep-dive analysis of key events and trends that impact the Asian and Middle Eastern oil markets, focusing on both medium- and long-term trends that shape oil demand, refining landscape and oil product trade in these regions.