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China Energy Market Coverage

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FGE’s coverage of China’s energy markets provides clients with industry-leading analysis, specialist insights and reliable analytics that span the oil, natural gas, LNG, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and new energy markets.

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  • Oil

    Our coverage of China’s oil market spans both the upstream and downstream sectors and provides you with independent analysis and data covering China’s crude and oil products supply/demand, trade flows, refinery runs, refinery utilization rates, refinery maintenance schedules, downstream investment opportunities, crude and products pricing, and crude imports and product exports.

    In recent years, energy policies in China have seen massive shifts, which has made the Chinese market increasingly difficult to comprehend and forecast. We offer our clients rich insights obtained from our contacts in China, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics so they’re able to quickly identify commercial opportunities, understand the complexities and challenges they may face, and base business strategies around industry-leading and accurate data and analysis.

    Whilst we analyze China’s oil market on an individual country basis, our analysis, insights and data are also fed into our global numbers so our clients can better understand the role that China plays within the global oil market.

  • Natural Gas and LNG

    China’s gas demand is expected to continue growing at a healthy pace due to the continued efforts in coal-to-gas switching in the mid-term, as well as expanded gas use in the industrial, power and transportation sectors over the long run. As such, we expect China to continue as a market driver given the sheer size of its natural gas/LNG requirements.

    Our coverage of China’s natural gas and LNG markets spans both the upstream and downstream sectors to include natural gas production, sectoral supply and demand, pipelines and natural gas/LNG imports, LNG terminal build-up, natural gas/LNG contract pricing, and regulatory framework. With the use of our in-depth analysis and data, you will be able to identify commercial opportunities that exist within China’s natural gas/LNG markets, stay abreast of the latest natural gas/LNG sector developments in China and obtain a forward-looking view of the market to help develop a unique competitive edge.

    As a client, you will have access to forward-looking analysis that utilizes our proprietary data sets and robust forecasting methodologies, and the latest analysis, insights and data covering natural gas and LNG supply, demand, trade, and pricing. In addition, you will also benefit from receiving up-to-date analysis of emerging trends, regulatory environments, and strategic assessments of corporate positions within the marketplace. Our content spans buyer/seller countries, key players, contractual terms, infrastructure assets and pricing.

    On the LNG side, we split our coverage between the short- and medium-term to cater for clients who operate on a spot/short-term basis, as well as those operating on longer positions within the market.

  • NGLs

    Our coverage of China’s NGLs market is pulled into context when we analyze the global NGLs landscape, as well as on a regional and country-level basis, to identify opportunities, challenges and changes within China’s NGLs market, and to also highlight the role that China plays within a regional and global context.

    On the LPG side, clients will have access to detailed analytics on China’s LPG import forecasts, cracker capacity details, LPG trade routes out of China, PDH margins and PDH utilization rates, and PDH outages in China. On the petrochemical side, clients will have access to detailed analytics on China’s petrochemical demand, imports and pricing for condensate and paraxylene (PX), as well as naphtha demand and imports.

  • What you will get

    As part of our China energy market coverage, clients will receive regular reports, alerts, commentaries and databooks in email or PDF format, regularly updated excel data sets, contact with our expert consultants/analysts via email/conference-call/telephone/in-person, invites to complementary market update webinars and ongoing consultations with regional specialists within our oil, natural gas, LNG, NGLs and new energy teams. Deliverables and team access will depend on the level of coverage taken.

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Data Services

FGE's Oil Online Data System (ODS)

Oil Online Data System (ODS)

FGE’s Oil Online Data Service (ODS) allows clients to flexibly query FGE’s proprietary supply and demand data for crude and refined products at a country or regional level, allowing you to identify potential pressure points and regional flows.
FGE's LNG Online Data System (ODS)

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Refinery Online Data System

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Annual Reports

Oil Databooks

Oil Databooks

The East of Suez Oil Databooks provide a deep-dive analysis of key events and trends that impact the Asian and Middle Eastern oil markets, focusing on both medium- and long-term trends that shape oil demand, refining landscape and oil product trade in these regions.