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Natural Gas Market Coverage

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Providing clarity on the natural gas sector

FGE’s natural gas market coverage delivers valuable insights, analysis, strategic advice and analytics on the global gas market, with a particular focus on the East of Suez region and is designed to help market participants drive their business forward in an ever-competitive environment.

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  • Introduction

    Our combination of industry-leading insights, analytics and first-hand expertise of the natural gas market helps users assess market changes, identify commercial opportunities, and grow their business and trading strategies.

  • Analysis and insights

    On the report side, our natural gas market coverage delivers industry-leading analysis, insights and data covering gas supply, demand, trade flows, pricing, analysis of governmental policy additions/changes, and infrastructure assets.

    Our coverage spans the entire breadth of the natural gas value chain, adding value to upstream companies looking to sell gas, downstream companies and traders looking to identify market opportunities and/or available supplies, gas analysts looking at understanding the key drivers behind the East of Suez market, financial firms covering/advising on gas price forecasts, and transportation companies.

  • Data analytics

    Our leading gas analytics provides coverage for all gas exporting and importing countries, and covers gas supply forecasts through to 2040, demand, pricing and price forecasts, gas contract information, and trade flows.

  • What you will get

    As part of our natural gas market coverage, clients will receive regular reports, alerts, advisories and commentaries in email or PDF format, regularly updated excel data sets, direct access to our online client portal, contact with our expert consultants/analysts via email/conference-call/telephone/in-person meetings, invites to complementary market update webinars and ongoing consultations with key members of our gas team.

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Interpretation of policies


Natural gas demand, supply and balances to 2050


Natural gas infrastructures


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Deep-dive on regional and country level analysis

Regional Coverage

Country Level Coverage

Research & Analysis

East of Suez Gas Service

East of Suez Gas Service

The East of Suez Gas Service is a comprehensive retainer for customers looking for valuable insights, analysis, strategic advice, and data on the global gas/liquefied natural gas (LNG) market dynamics, with specific focus on the East of Suez region.

Middle East & North Africa Gas Service

The Middle East & North Africa Gas Service allows clients to develop a deep understanding of the key developments in the gas/LNG markets in the region.
Iran Oil and Gas Service

Iran Oil and Gas Service

FGE's Iran Oil and Gas suite of reports builds upon decades of research, consulting, and professional networking to provide our clients with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of Iran's oil and gas industry.
FGE's Gas/LNG Snapshot Report

China Gas/LNG Snapshot

FGE’s CGLS provides a monthly assessment of the latest commercial activities and market intelligence for China’s gas/LNG business, complemented by fundamental analysis and near-term forecasts.

Annual Reports

Iran Oil and Gas Annual

Iran Oil and Gas Annual

Within our suite of reports is our Iran Oil and Gas Annual Report, which provides our long-term outlook on Iran's oil and gas markets.
Middle East Gas Annual Report

Middle East Gas Annual

The Middle East Gas Annual Report provides an updated review and comprehensive analysis of the Middle East gas market at a country level, and builds on older editions with a detailed breakdown of the twelve countries in the Middle East region.
North Africa Gas Annual

North Africa Gas Annual

FGE’s North Africa Gas Annual Report (NAGAR) provides detailed coverage and analysis of the gas markets in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.