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Refinery Online Data System (ODS)

Helping you to make more effective commercial and trading decisions


Enhancing your ability to identify opportunities in the downstream sector

With FGE's Refinery Online Data System (ODS), you will have access to our proprietary data on refining capacity and configurations at a plant, country or regional level, giving users the ability to track the history and outlook for configuration, capacity, operatorship and ownerships data for all refining projects globally. In addition, clients can also drill-down into our data further by filtering by refinery status (existing, firm, likely, possible, and proposed).

How we can help you

All your downstream data needs in one easy-to-use platform

  • Global data coverage

    Users of our Refinery ODS have the ability to view data on a global, regional or country level, depending on your needs and requirements.

  • Data available for every refinery project status

    Our Refinery ODS contains data for every existing, under construction, or proposed refining project globally.

  • Query and manipulate our data

    Our Refinery ODS allows users to analyse, manipulate and export our latest refining data into chart, image and excel format for use in internal presentations to feed into your databases.

  • Flexible filtering functionality

    All our data can be filtered by specific company ownership or operatorship, as well as project status (existing, firm, likely, possible, and proposed).

  • Data available for various time series

    With the Refinery ODS, users can view our refining data as time series of capacity by unit for a selected set of refineries filtered by region, country, operator, owner and status.

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