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Strategic Outlook for Energy

The annual Strategic Outlook for Energy is FGE’s core analytical report for its perspectives on future developments in oil demand, supply and prices to 2050.

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The annual Strategic Outlook for Energy (SOFE) is FGE’s core analytical report for perspectives on future developments in oil demand, supply and prices to 2050, as well as providing decision makers in the energy sector with key insights and market analysis on the energy transition, decarbonisation, alternative fuels and the commercial opportunities and challenges these changes bring.

FGE’s annual SOFE report identifies the key sensitivities and risk factors inherent in the long-term outlook for global oil markets amid the energy transition.

The latest study includes:

  • OPEC/non-OPEC production outlook and analysis.
  • Crude oil production costs by region and resource type.
  • Detailed demand outlook by seven products, nine end-sectors and eight regions.
  • Resulting oil market balance and price forecast.
  • Key insights into new trends, policies and technologies. 
  • In-depth coverage and analysis of the global energy transition and carbon pricing. 
  • Tracking of new decarbonisation projects and developments.  
  • Analysis and comparisons new fuels. 
  • A spotlight on challenges and commercial opportunities.  


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Key Questions Addressed in this Study

  • Global oil demand has fully recovered from COVID-19 but where will it go from here?
  • Has demand for oil-based road transport fuel peaked, and if so how quickly will it drop?
  • How will 2050 net-zero emission targets change marine bunker fuel use in the next decades?
  • Brent is trading close to $100/bbl again. Is this sustainable? 
  • How will the global crude slate change? 
  • Which products are the ‘winners’ of climate change policies in each sector?
  • As global jet fuel demand recovers, what is the outlook for alternative fuels such as SAF?
  • What is the potential impact of plastics recycling on petrochemical demand?
  • Where will future production growth come from?

Scope of Coverage

  • Products
    • Crude Oil
    • LPG
    • Gasoline
    • Gasoil/Diesel
    • Other (including ethane, petcoke, bitumen, lubricants, etc.)
    • Ammonia
    • Biofuels
    • Wind/Solar 
    • Methanol
    • Carbon Neutral Oil and Gas
    • Batteries
    • NGLs
    • Naphtha
    • Jet/Kerosene  
    • Fuel Oil  
    • Hydrogen 
    • Carbon Trading and ETS Schemes 
    • Electric Vehicles 
    • Synthetic Fuels
    • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS)
  • Regions
    • North America
    • OECD Asia
    • Africa
    • Middle East
    • Europe
    • FSU
    • Latin America
    • Non-OECD Asia
  • Sectors
    • Power
    • Industry
    • Residential and Commercial
    • Own Use
    • Other
    • Petrochemicals
    • Transport (Road, Marine and Air)
    • Agriculture
    • Marine bunkers
    • Storage 
  • Deliverables
    • PDF copy of the report (PowerPoint layout).
    • An interactive session with FGE consultants, either in FGE’s London office or via WebEx/video conferencing facilities.
    • Extensive supplementary Excel data sets.
    • A PowerPoint Executive Presentation Pack, with key charts and conclusions.

This Study will Add Value to

  • Major Oil Companies That need an outside, independent assessment of market developments to compare with their own, internal forecasts.
  • National Oil Companies Potential developments in crude oil prices are a critical element in planning and the particular approach to price forecasting in this report will provide new perspectives on price formation and potential trends in the future.
  • Other Oil and Service Companies Any company operating in the sector should benefit from an internally consistent and detailed assessment of potential developments in the market as an alternative to reliance on forecasts from government or international organizations.
  • International/Governmental Organization Who need an independent, non-political perspective on the international oil market and an understanding of key elements likely to drive future oil prices.
  • Independent Refiners Demand-side developments outside their own operating region can have significant implications for refiners’ operating environment and the detailed supply-side projections could highlight potential new sources of supply.
  • Oil Shipping Companies The report provides a detailed framework covering the key elements driving their business in the long term.
  • Financial Institutions and Investment Funds Whether investing or trading, this report will provide a comprehensive basis for assessing risks, particularly in the near/mid-term, as well as delivering a flexible and detailed database of future demand and supply parameters.
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