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Crude Oil Data

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When it comes to delivering reliable and accurate data on the crude oil market, FGE is a the forefront of providing clients with detailed short and long-term data spanning crude supply, demand, inventories, trade flows, etc.

FGE's crude oil data is available for download in excel format, and can also be accessed as part of our Oil Online Data System (ODS). Both formats make it easy for clients to easily manipulate and integrate our data, whilst also making custom charts.

  • US Producer Hedging
    • Producer Company Name
    • Security Type
    • Expiry Date
    • b/d total
    • Fixed Strike
    • Sub-floor, Floor, and Ceiling prices
    • Volume bbl


  • Monthly World Oil Balance & Forecast

    Monthly data for 2017, 2018, and 2019.

    • World Oil Demand
    • World Oil Supplies
    • Total non-OPEC Output
    • OPEC Crude Oil Output
    • Implied Global Stock Change
    • Total Gov. Strategic Stocks
    • Oil in Floating Storage
    • Total OECD Company Stocks
    • OECD Stocks, Days Supply


  • Quarterly World Oil Balance & Forecast
    • Crude Demand
    • Crude Supply
    • Stock Change
    • Crude Prices


    Data available for USA, Canada/Mexico, Brazil, Other LatAm, Europe, FSU (Apparent Demand), Japan, Korea/AUS/NZ, China (Apparent Demand), Africa, and the Middle East.

  • Asia Pacific Petroleum Monthly Data-file
    • Crude Output, Crude Imports and Crude Exports for main East of Suez countries.


  • Crude Trade Study Data-file (2011-2030)

    Global Crude Streams

    • Export Region
    • Country
    • Stream
    • API
    • Sulphur Content %
    • Crude Type
    • Qty (kb/d)


    Global Supply (Heavy Sour, Heavy Sweet, Medium Sour, Medium Sweet, Light Sour, Light Sweet)

    • Central North America and Canada
    • US Gulf of Mexico and US Padd 3
    • North America Pacific
    • South America Atlantic
    • South America Pacific
    • North West Europe
    • Central Europe
    • Europe Med
    • North Africa
    • Africa
    • FSU
    • Middle East
    • Asia


    Global Crude API (excl. Condensate) - 2011-2030

    • Total Crude Demand
    • Total Crude Intake and Direct Burn
    • Global Crude Balance
    • Global Crude Trade (FSU, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Trade Balances)
    • Net Imports/Exports by Region


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