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Leadership Team

Introducing FGE's Leadership Team

FGE's Leadership Team is made up of senior experts who facilitate the development and execution of policies within the company. Its members are appointed by Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki, Chairman of FGE.

The group meets about eight times a year, and focuses on fundamental business decisions that arise on a group-wide level.

Fereidun -Fesharaki -web
Dr Fereidun Fesharaki


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Shasha -Fesharaki -web (2)
Mr Shasha Fesharaki

Executive Vice Chairman & Managing
Director, FGE USA

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Jeff -Brown -web
Dr Jeff Brown


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Robert -Clayton -web
Sir Robert Clayton

Chief Operating Officer (COO),
FGE London

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Alexis -Aik -web
Ms Alexis Aik

Managing Director, Global Gas/LNG,
FGE Singapore

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Tomoko -Hosoe -web
Dr Tomoko Hosoe

Managing Director,
FGE Japan

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Iman -nasseri -web (1)
Dr Iman Nasseri

Managing Director, Middle East,
FGE Dubai

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