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European Energy Market Coverage

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FGE’s coverage of the European energy markets provides clients with industry-leading analysis, specialist insights and reliable analytics that span the oil, natural gas, LNG, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and new energy markets.

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  • Oil

    Our coverage of the regions oil market spans both the upstream and downstream sectors, providing you with independent analysis and accurate forecasts of crude output North Sea loadings schedule (Brent, Forties, Oseberg, Ekofisk, Troll (BFOET), Norway, UK), crude oil demand, oil products supply and demand, refinery operations (maintenance schedules, crude runs, product cracks, crude throughput), oil products pricing, product cracks, trade flows for light, medium and heavy distillates, as well as regional crude and oil products balances (Europe, NWE, OECD Med) so clients can identify clear emerging trends, structural changes, and commercial opportunities in the region’s oil market.

    Developments in European supply/demand, both for crude and products, are an important linchpin of global oil markets, particularly given Europe’s position as a focal point in oil trade. Therefore, we pay particular attention to the role Europe plays in the global oil marketplace so clients can better understand the importance of this market in a global context.

    In terms of products, we cover crude oil, jet/kero, naphtha, LPG, gasoil/diesel, gasoline, and fuel oil.

    With the use of our forward-looking analysis, insights and forecasts, crude and products traders can develop trading and hedging strategies that are built on detailed fundamental research, financial analysts will receive accurate regional crude and products supply/demand analytics, and industry planning and decision makers can gain a competitive insight into the key structural trends within the region.

  • Natural Gas and LNG

    We analyze Europe’s natural gas and LNG markets in the short-term, delivering fundamental analysis, data and forecasts that span the next 12 months, to provide you with the tools necessary to identify opportunities, challenges and key shifts in the market over the coming year.

    As a client, you will have access to forward-looking analysis that utilizes our proprietary data sets and robust forecasting methodologies, as well as the latest analysis, insights and data covering natural gas and LNG supply, demand, trade, pricing.

  • NGLs

    Our NGLs coverage of Europe includes monthly analyses of the region’s NGLs landscape, short and long-term analyses of regional supply and demand, shipping, trade flows and prices (depending on the level of coverage), spanning the LPG, ethane, condensate, naphtha and butane markets.

    On the LPG side, we analyze the position Europe plays in the global context, including a country-level, bottom-up approach to develop a regional understanding of global supply and demand dynamics. In addition, we also provide up-to-date comprehensive analysis of the key fundamental drivers across the European LPG market, as well as in-depth view on shipping.

    On the data side, we provide detailed projections of LPG supply, demand, trade and prices/price spreads based on assessment of key drivers and signals. This will benefit traders looking to develop trading and hedging strategies that are built on detailed fundamental research, finance analysts seeking independent supply/demand analytics and price trends, midstream companies formulating future policy strategies, shipping companies following trends in LPG trade flows, and importers/petrochemical companies who are deciding on LPG procurement.

  • New Energy

    Our new energy and energy transition coverage focuses on developments in the decarbonization and alternative fuel markets in a global context and delves into the commercial opportunities and challenges that exist within Europe. In terms of products, our coverage spans ammonia, hydrogen, biofuels, carbon trading and ETS schemes, wind/solar, electric vehicles, methanol, synthetic fuels, carbon neutral oil and gas, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), and batteries.

  • What you will get

    As part of our European energy market coverage, clients will receive regular reports, alerts, commentaries and databooks in email or PDF format, regularly updated Excel data sets, direct access to our online client portal and Online Data System(s)*(Oil and/or LNG), contact with our expert consultants/analysts via email/conference-call/telephone/in-person meetings, invites to complimentary market update webinars and ongoing consultation with regional specialists within our oil, natural gas, LNG, NGLs and new energy teams. Deliverables and team access will depend on the level of coverage taken.

    * Depending on the level of coverage taken

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Research & Analysis

European Oil Monthly

European Oil Monthly

FGE's European Oil Market Monthly is a regional monthly add-on report within our Short-Term Global Oil Service.
Short-Term Global Oil Service

Short-Term Global Oil Service

FGE’s Short-Term Global Oil Service provides up-to-date analysis of the key events and data affecting the oil markets, together with consistent forecasts of future developments.
World Oil Market Reports

World Oil Market Reports

FGE’s World Oil Market Reports, part of the core Short-Term Global Oil Market Service, encompass the key elements of FGE’s global oil service including refining, oil products, crude oil and key fundamental developments in the oil market.
Quarterly LNG Snapshot

Quarterly LNG Snapshot

The Quarterly LNG Snapshot is a comprehensive series of reports focused on succinct and visual takeaways of critical developments in the past quarter and FGE’s up-to-date view of the future of the LNG market.
Short-Term LNG

Short-Term LNG

FGE's Short-Term LNG Report, an add-on to the East of Suez Gas Service, presents our fundamentals-based analysis of the spot and short-term LNG market, enhancing the client's abilities to capture opportunities in this rapidly evolving market segment.
New -Energy -Service -Overview

New Energy Service

FGE's New Energy Service provides decision makers in the energy sector with key insights and market analysis on the energy transition, decarbonisation, alternative fuels and the commercial opportunities and challenges these changes bring.

Data Services

FGE's Oil Online Data System (ODS)

Oil Online Data System (ODS)

FGE’s Oil Online Data Service (ODS) allows clients to flexibly query FGE’s proprietary supply and demand data for crude and refined products at a country or regional level, allowing you to identify potential pressure points and regional flows.
FGE's LNG Online Data System (ODS)

LNG Online Data System (ODS)

FGE's LNG Online Data Service (ODS) allows you to flexibly query FGE's proprietary data, enhancing your ability to make strategic decisions and identify opportunities across the global LNG value chain.
Refinery Online Data System

Refinery Online Data System (ODS)

FGE’s Refinery Online Data Service (RODS) allows clients to flexibly query our proprietary data on refining capacity and configurations at a plant, country or regional level, allowing you to track the history and outlook for configuration, capacity, operatorship, and ownership data for all refining projects globally.