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FGE's coverage of the NGLs market spans the full breadth of the value chain, from supply, demand, pricing, balances, trade flows, and more, helping clients better understand which way the market is heading.


  • LPG Pricing
  • Imports/Import Projects
  • Trade Flows
  • Inventories
  • Petrochemical Maintenance Schedule
  • LPG Supply/Demand
  • Export/Export Terminals
  • Petrochemical Projects
  • Shipping Demand
  • LPG Refrigerated Cargoes

Scope of Coverage

  • LPG - Monthly

    Data files includes underlying assumptions and forecasts driving the outlook:

    • Forecast of propane price benchmarks in key regions (MB, CP, and CFR Japan)
    • US-Far East arbitrage dynamics including freight forecast and demand on tonnage
    • US supply/demand balances for propane and butane, including inventory forecasts
    • Asia cracker maintenance schedule
    • Project capacity changes
  • LPG - Annual 
    • LPG Supply/Demand (Regional and Country data)
    • LPG Seaborne Exports (Regional data)
    • LPG for Petrochemical use
    • LPG Import Storage
    • VLGC Supply and Demand
    • LPG Export Supplies (Regional data)
    • LPG Imports and Import Demand
    • Global LPG Seaborne Trade
    • VLGC Orderbook for 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 delivery
  • Ethane - Monthly
    • Country Data
    • Detailed US Model
    • Region Data
    • Trade Data
    • Outages
  • Ethane - Annual
    • West of Suez Balances
    • East of Suez Balances
    • Supply/Demand Summary (Country, Regional and Global Balances)
    • Prices
    • Export Infrastructure Database
    • Ethane Cracker Capacity Database
    • Ethane Tanker Fleet and Orderbook
  • Condensate & Naphtha
    • Condensate supply and imports (actuals & forecasts).
    • Naphtha imports and exports to Asia by grade (actuals & forecasts).
    • Short-Term forecasts (12-months) and 12-months history.
    • Naphtha imports and exports to Asia (actuals & forecasts).
    • Prices (actuals & forecasts): Brent, Dubai, CFR Japan Naphtha, NWSC-Brent, Senipah-Brent, LSC-Dubai, DFC-Dubai, SPC-Dubai, DFC-Naphtha, NWSC-Naphtha, Propane-Naphtha, Butane-Naphtha, PX-Naphtha, Ethylene-Naphtha, EF-Dubai, Naphtha Crack vs. Brent, Brent/Dubai.
    • Cracker maintenance schedule.


FGE's data for the NGLs market is available in Excel format, as part of the below products/services.

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