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LPG & Ethane Market Coverage

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Key insights and analysis on the LPG and Ethane markets

FGE’s LPG and Ethane markets coverage enables users to identify market trends and key issues affecting the LPG markets, and provides independent price and supply/demand forecasts, as well as detailed insights and analysis.

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  • Introduction

    LPG and ethane have been products which have gained significant attention from market players in recent years. They will play a key role in the energy transition going forward given that their production dynamics been tied with the ongoing US shale story and the ever-increasing focus on non-associated gas production globally (and especially so, out of the Middle East).

    The ever-growing LPG seaborne trade market and the interest in the niche world of ethane will certainly provide a wealth of new opportunities for market players existing and future. It’s imperative that LPG and ethane industry participants have access to analysis, insights and analytics on the market to better understand near-term risks to optimize short-term trading and hedging positions and shape long-run strategic approach.

  • Analysis and insights

    Our LPG and ethane coverage delivers short-, medium-, and long-term analysis of the key fundamental drivers in the global markets, including supply, demand, trade, shipping and pricing.

    We utilize a country-level, bottom-up approach to develop a regional and global understanding of supply, demand and trade dynamics. Our in-depth models take into consideration price-elastic demand areas, such consumption in the residential commercial sector and petrochemical demand from both swing steam crackers and PDHs.

    On the supply side, we play close attention to upstream associated and non-associated gas production across key regions and their dynamics impacting NGLs and LPG production. This taps onto FGE’s capabilities and expertise in the Middle East and overall crude and gas/LNG markets to provide a holistic view on NGLs availability out of producing regions in the short, medium and long term.

    In the LPG space, availability from the Middle East is a key area of focus – with crude production levels and non-associated gas developments key drivers of production going forward. Within the US markets, the trajectory on shale production alongside midstream developments will set the tone for US export potential.

    With these, we can assess and forecast the dynamics around the LPG deficit in Asia Pacific (as well as other regions) and how they pull on Middle East and US LPG export supplies. Alongside a holistic view on shipping balances and freight, these dynamics shape our view on prices and the regional arbitrages going forward.

  • Data analytics

    On the data side we provide detailed projections of LPG supply, demand, trade and prices/spreads that are based on our own assessments of key drivers within the market. We model major countries’ balances by the different sectors in the market, taking into account seasonality, trends and correlations.

    To complement our understanding of upstream production and supplies from the refinery, we leverage on the research from our oil and gas teams at FGE to form a holistic view of the LPG market.

    We also maintain a database of key infrastructure and petrochemical projects with a firm understanding of how these projects may impact the tradeable market. This spans across both our the medium- and long- term coverage.

    To complement our research, we also utilise raw data from third party sources to aid with our modelling. This adds further depth to the modelling of the market, which brings greater insights into our analyses.

    Finally, we have a freight model which calculates the tonne-mile demand required to transport LPG cargoes across various shipping routes. This feeds directly into our shipping market view, taking into account the changes in tonnage demand and supply.

    For Ethane, there is a close synergy with LPG modelling as ethane production comes directly from Gas Processing Plants and fractionators. With our already strong understanding of the global petrochemical market, we are able to model ethane demand globally, which feeds directly into our monthly and annual demand and supply model balances.

    We also have a firm understanding of the Very Large Ethane Carrier (VLEC) market, the workhorse of the international ethane trade. We maintain databases of VLEC orderbooks and vessel fleet which complements our understanding of the global ethane market.

  • What you will get

    As part of our LPG & Ethane market coverage, clients will receive regular reports and/or alerts in email or PDF format, regularly updated Excel data sets, direct access to our online client portal, contact with our expert consultants/analysts via email/conference-call/telephone/in-person meetings, invites to complementary market update webinars and ongoing consultations with key members of our NGLs team.

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Including supply, demand, trade, and prices/price spreads.


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Research & Analysis

LPG Confidential

LPG Confidential

FGE’s LPG Confidential weekly report dissects and examines the volatile short-term market for LPG, to deliver clear, concise, and insightful views on market happenings.
LPG Foresights

LPG Foresights

FGE’s LPG Foresights monthly report dissects and examines the volatile short-term market for LPG, to deliver clear, concise, and insightful views on the forward market.
Ethane Monthly Supply, Demand and Trade Balances

Ethane Monthly Supply, Demand and Trade Balances

Analysis of the often volatile short-term ethane market from a global perspective.

Data Services

FGE's Oil Online Data System (ODS)

Oil Online Data System (ODS)

FGE’s Oil Online Data Service (ODS) allows clients to flexibly query FGE’s proprietary supply and demand data for crude and refined products at a country or regional level, allowing you to identify potential pressure points and regional flows.

Annual Reports

LPG Forecast

LPG Forecast

FGE’s annual LPG Forecast is a comprehensive assessment of the global LPG market, divided into two main geographical areas, East and West of Suez.
Ethane Forecast

Ethane Forecast

FGE’s detailed assessment of the mid/long-term operating environment for the global ethane trade.