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About FGE

Delivering leading consultation to companies involved in the oil, gas/LNG and NGLs value chains

FGE is a preeminent global energy consultancy that provides leading independent research, analysis, consultation and advisory services on the oil, gas/LNG and NGLs markets to a large a diverse client base across the world. Furthermore, FGE distinguishes itself through its ability to provide transparency to often opaque markets.

FGE established itself over three decades ago as a primary leader in providing oil & natural gas consulting services East of Suez, and today is well established as the leader in providing analysis, forecasts, and insights on the global oil & natural gas markets. One of the ways in which we have achieved this is by utilizing key relationships with unique connections throughout the world in order to offer specialist insights on an array of sectors within the markets that other consultancies don't have access to.

Our expertise spans the entire breadth of the oil, gas/LNG, and NGLs value chains, including:

  • Fundamental Market Analysis (supply and demand)
  • Price Forecasts (crude, oil products, natural gas, LNG, NGLs)
  • Production (oil, natural gas, LNG)
  • Product Balances
  • Trade Flows
  • Refining Sector (margins, runs, maintenance, etc.)
  • Liquefaction & Regasification
  • LNG Contracts
  • Pipelines, Shipping, and Transportation.

Providing transparency to often opaque markets

FGE‘s unique strength comes from both its knowledge and insights as well as its vast convening power and relationships in the oil and gas markets. Our global team of experts specialize on both sector and country/regional knowledge; thus reinforcing this network and ensuring that our insights are current, relevant, and consistent across the technical and commercial arenas.

By utilizing our expertise, clients are able to:

  • Strengthen their understanding of the key fundamentals of the oil and gas/LNG markets.
  • Make more informed investment, trading, and business decisions.
  • Adjust business strategies based on consistently reliable and accurate data.
  • Identify paradigm shifts in the markets in a timely manner, enabling them to capture the upsides and reduce risks associated with investments, trading and business opportunities.
  • Obtain specialist insights on key market events within a particular country, region, product, and sector.
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FGE continues to provide leading consultation to clients around the world

Over the past 40 years FGE has worked with various clients within the following sectors:

  • National Oil Companies
  • Major Oil and Gas Companies
  • IOCs (International Oil Companies)
  • Integrated Gas Companies
  • Upstream Operators
  • Petrochemical Companies
  • Independent Refiners and Downstream Operators
  • Medium and Small-Sized Oil and Gas Companies
  • Financial Institutions, Banks and Traders
  • Government Organizations
  • Consumer Government Bodies
  • Utility/Power Generation Companies
  • Shipping and Transportation Companies
  • Storage Companies
  • Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing Companies

FGE's Leadership Team

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Shasha -Fesharaki -web (2)

Executive Vice Chairman & Managing
Director, FGE USA

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Robert Clayton

Chief Operating Officer (COO),
FGE London

Alexis -aik -web (1)

Managing Director, Global Gas/LNG,
FGE Singapore

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Managing Director,
FGE Japan

Managing Director, Middle East
FGE Dubai