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Ethane Monthly Supply, Demand & Trade Balances

Each month, FGE’s Ethane Monthly Supply, Demand & Trade Balances analyses the often volatile short-term market for Ethane from a global perspective.

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Each month, FGE’s Ethane Monthly Supply, Demand & Trade Balance analyses the volatile short-term market for ethane. In this statistical review, we track, interpret and forecast ethane supply and demand fundamentals to deliver clear, concise analysis and a fundamental summary of the ethane market.

The ethane trading market has been coming of age in recent years. A rise in spot trade and increased market volatility has resulted in buyers and sellers gradually shifting from almost a purely term market to one with increased trading opportunities and a need to manage risk.

FGE’s Supply, Demand & Trade Balances utilises a country-level, bottom-up approach to develop a regional understanding of global supply and demand market dynamics. Overlaying a global trade matrix, FGE balances trade routes and import/export requirements to provide a fully integrated supply chain model.

Our in-depth models integrate price-elastic demand areas, such as steam cracking, with our in-house view of price spreads and how these will affect swing cracking demand and import requirements.

On the supply side, we look at the main exporting markets in depth. By examining organic wellhead production growth as well as rejection/recovery trends, on a US PADD by PADD basis, we arrive at monthly figures for exports and domestic inventory levels.

Subscribers will thus be able to see “behind the curtain” of FGE’s monthly ethane supply, demand and trade model, which informs FGE’s short-term outlook. To help subscribers isolate any changes, we provide a PDF summary of the main changes in fundamentals month to month.

Features & Benefits

  • Up-to-date comprehensive analytics of key fundamental drivers in both West of Suez and East of Suez ethane markets.
  • Detailed projections of the supply/demand ethane parameters and the implications for global ethane markets.
  • Interpretation of trends in ethane markets by region within a global context.
  • Consistent and logical forecasting of ethane fundamentals and price trends.


  • Implications & Summary PDF
  • Data File
    • Country Data
    • Detailed US Model
    • Region Data
    • Trade Data
    • Outages
  • Associated Excel data file
  • Up to three hours of free consultation with FGE’s NGL team per year for telephone, face-to-face, online discussions and/or email enquiries.

This Service Will Add Value To

  • Midstream Companies formulating future policy and hedging strategies.
  • National Oil Companies undertaking research on key global trends and making strategic decisions.
  • Finance and Investment Analysts following key global ethane supply/demand analytics and price trends.
  • Importers and Petrochemicals Companies deciding on ethane procurement strategies.
  • Shipping Companies following trends in ethane trade flows while formulating ship deployment strategies.
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