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FGE’s Iraq Oil Monthly builds upon decades of research, consulting, and professional networking to provide our clients with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of Iraq’s oil market.

Iraq has been a key contributor to OPEC liquids growth, with the country having added 300,000 b/d year-on-year to its production capacity from 2010-15 and almost 900,000 b/d in total during the 2017-22 period.

Over the next decade, Iraq’s upstream development will prove both more costly and complex. Beyond the need to manage the transition from primary to secondary oil recovery - increasing the need for water injection schemes - operators face a host of challenges: a greater focus on gas treatment projects, degassing station upgrades, addressing midstream infrastructure bottlenecks and managing relations with Iraq’s political machinery.

For traders, Iraqi crude exports are keenly watched in East of Suez markets. Key demand centres - particularly India and China - rely on a regular flow of medium-heavy crude from the country. In the products market, Iraq’s role as a gasoline importer and fuel exporter highlights the growing importance of understanding the country’s fuel balances.

Features & Benefits

  • Obtain a Thought Leader's View Our clients can benefit from having a thought leader's view of the market outlook, across various geographies and time horizons.
  • Strategic Business Opportunities Identify key developments and opportunities in the upstream and downstream marketplace.
  • Access to FGE's Oil Team Clients of our research, analysis, and data analytics can benefit from having consistent access to technical and/or commercial information on the oil market.
  • Reliable Forecast Analytics Our consistently accurate short- and long-term forecasts allow clients to capture the upsides and minimize downsides.
  • Rapid Assessment of Events Our utilization of knowledge and experience allows us to react quickly to market developments, therefore alerting clients promptly, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Commercial Analysis Forward-looking commercial analysis regarding the implications of topical industry issues included.

Scope of Coverage

  • Deliverables
    • Iraq Oil Monthly
    • Ongoing Consultative Support
  • Products
    • Crude Oil (Basrah Light/Medium/Heavy)
    • LPG
    • Naphtha
    • Gasoline
    • Kero/Jet Fuel
    • Diesel/Gasoil
    • Fuel Oil
    • Electricity

These Reports Will Add Value To

  • Operators and Contractors seeking to monitor developments and benchmark their position.
  • Companies looking to invest in the region’s oil industry.
  • Traders looking for detailed information on Iraq’s oil balances.


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