The 41st JCCP International Symposium 2023


Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki will be speaking at JCCP's International Symposium, which will be held on Wednesday-Thursday, 25-26 January, 2023.

The JCCP International Symposium has been held annually since JCCP's founding, with the participation of energy experts and management officers from oil/gas-related institutions in oil/gas-producing countries, who are invited to Japan to discuss current oil/gas supply issues and their solutions with experts in the downstream sectors of Japan's oil/gas industry. Securing oil/gas products is just as important as securing crude oil, in ensuring stable supplies of oil/gas. Based on this awareness, the symposium provides an opportunity for oil/gas-producing and oil/gas-consuming countries to reconfirm their relationship, not of opposition, but of cooperation toward the common goal of developing a sound oil/gas downstream sector and uncovering future cooperation schemes.


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Further information on JCCP's International Symposium and a registration link will be provided closer to the date.

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