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Mr. Siamak Adibi

Mr. Siamak Adibi - Principal Consultant & Head of Middle East Gas Team, FGE Singapore

Siamak specializes in the natural gas/LNG business, leading FGE’s short and long-term market analysis for Middle Eastern and North African gas markets. He has more than 15 years of extensive analytical experience in the Middle East oil and gas sector. At FGE, Siamak also covers long-term gas/LNG market analytics for West of Suez markets. He has a detailed knowledge of LATAM and European gas/LNG infrastructure.

Siamak is a specialist in energy modelling and long-term supply/demand forecasts. He has extensive knowledge of the LNG value chain, the Middle East gas/LNG upstream and downstream sectors, as well as pipeline gas/LNG sales and purchase agreements. He is an internationally recognized expert on the Middle East oil and gas sector. Siamak holds an MBA from Victoria University, Australia, and an M.A. in Energy Economics from Islamic Azad University in Iran.


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