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Mr Cuneyt Kazokoglu

Mr Cuneyt Kazokoglu - Director of Energy Economics and Energy Transition, FGE London

Cuneyt is responsible for overseeing all FGE’s analysis on developments in new energy and the energy transition and how they interact with existing hydrocarbon based fuels. Cuneyt is the owner of our energy demand forecasts, both short and long term, which underpin the Group’s retainer services and ad-hoc projects. In this role, he is called upon to make presentations to clients outlining potential market and industry developments and  to discuss their strategic implications, under scenario and brainstorming exercises.  

Cuneyt works closely with FGE’s other offices, being responsible for co-ordinating the input into the Group’s mid-long term market forecasting and is required to present and discuss these perspectives with FGE clients around the world. He regularly contributes to FGE’s reports and is the thought leader behind FGE’s Strategic Outlook for Energy report with an outlook through 2050, which represents the Group’s core analytical building block for its perspectives on future developments in energy demand, supply and prices and FGE’s New Energy Foresights providing a shorter term view on the impacts of the energy transition.

Prior to joining FGE, Cuneyt was with JBC Energy in Vienna.  As an Oil Market Analyst, he undertook analysis and forecasting of oil demand on country-by-country, product-by-product and sector-by-sector basis.  Later as Head of Modelling, he lead the team responsible for the development of JBC Energy’s Supply-Demand-Price model. This provided the basis for all the company’s forward looking analysis and required regular interaction with clients and responding to the changing industry requirements and market developments.

Cuneyt has an M.Sc. in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (2005).


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