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Global Butane Trade Outlook 2017


FGE's detailed assessment of the mid/long-term operating environment for global butane trade. In this study, we forecast butane demand and review likely incremental supplies to identify the potential pressures on the global butane market and what this coudl mean for the stakeholders in the next 5-10 years.

Post-2020, we expect that the LPG demand driver in Asia will switch from China to the populous regions of South and SE Asia—from India in the west to Indonesia in the east. The region presents opportunities but also challenges for US supply that is further away. Also South and SE Asia are butane-heavy or propane/butane mix markets; whereas the US has been primarily exporting propane.

Interestingly though, the Middle East as a region was exporting a greater proportion of butane in 2016 than it had in prior years. In the future, with butane demand rising from South and SE Asia, the Middle East shall remain as the main butane supplier, as how the US slowly displacing them in East Asia for the propane markets.

However, the market length has been and continues to be in propane because the US shale revolution has resulted in much more propane in world markets, but not that much butane. As a result, March 2017 Saudi CP, the widest divergence between propane and butane prices seen since early 2013, could be a precursor of a future wider divergence.


Scope of Coverage

Key Areas Addressed in This Study

This report provides a snapshot of:

  • Demand (import) and supply (export) projections for the East and West until 2025
  • Butane market dynamics
  • Growing demand of LPG and butane in Asia Pacific
  • Specialized uses of butane particularly in China
  • Dynamics between natural gas and LPG
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  • PDF copy of the report (PowerPoint layout).
  • An update of the report in mid-2018
  • FGE will be available for a telephone call, WebEx meeting, or general meeting to present and discuss the key findings of this report.

This Study will add value to

Oil Majors and Oil & Gas Companies

  • Seeking an outside perspective on the likely future economic environment of the international butane trading market.

Petrochemical and Chemical Companies

  • Seeking an independent outlook of hte international butane trading market.


  • Conducting analysis of potential carrier demand.

Trading Houses

  • Identifying emerging underlying shifts in trade flows.

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