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Multi-Client Studies

FGE has a long history of delivering the highest-quality focused and insight-driven multi-client studies. Our studies deliver in-depth primary research that is focused on major industry trends and hot topics in the global oil and natural gas markets.

There are times when key industry topics create interest which goes beyond what can be found in our retainer service reports, either because a greater amount of detail is required, or because of the precise angle the topic takes.

FGE’s Multi-Client Studies provide highly-focused research and analysis of hot topics and industry trends taking place in the oil and gas markets, providing clients with a deeper understanding of the topic, and highlighting future opportunities within the market.

As a result of our forward-looking analysis, clients find they are able to adjust their strategies, capture the upsides, and prepare for shifts in the industry more effectively.

Our studies surpass the coverage of our retainer reports with their precise focus and greater insight, and are proven to be beneficial when taken on their own, or in addition to our retainer services.

Each of FGE’s studies are led by a team of research consultants who have specialist insight and knowledge on the topic at hand.

Latest/Upcoming Studies

LPG-Forecast -2017-Web

LPG Forecast 2017

Available Now

In this forecast, FGE examines the industry dynamics on a country and regional level, and then derive an assessment of the trade balances – where propane and butane is moving and why, feeding into this forecast of prices and margins.


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Awro Web

Annual World Refining Outlook 2017 - A Return to the Golden Age?

Available Now

A detailed assessment of the mid/long-term operating environment for global refining and the implications for products trade. We forecast product demand and review refinery investment to identify the likely pressures on the refining sector and what this could mean for refining margins.


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The Outlook for Oil - A Guide for Strategic Planning

Available Now

The Outlook for Oil - A Guide for Strategic Planning (our annual Long-Term Global Oil Market Outlook) is FGE’s core analytical block for its perspectives on future developments in oil demand, supply and prices to 2040.


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Iran -Study -Small

Iran Post-Sanctions Study

Available Now

Business and investment opportunities in the Iranian oil and gas sector - what everyone in the oil and gas business needs to know about Iran!


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