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LNG Risk Management


With more than 30 years of experience in the natural gas & LNG markets, FGE now provides comprehensive risk management and optimization solutions.

FGE's extensive and in-depth coverage of the key markets enables clients to establish, implement, and optimize their risk management practices. FGE offers complete back-to-front solutions to its clients.

Scope of Coverage

Market Risks

  • Price risks
  • Volumetric risks
  • Spread risks
  • Liquidity risks

Credit Risks

  • AR/AP (Accounts Receivables/Payables)
  • Cost of credit
  • Expected losses and unexpected losses

Operation Risks

  • Process/Terminal risks
  • Optimization risks
  • Scenario analysis

Supply/Demand Risks

  • Short-term vs. long-term strategies
  • Changes in demand profiles
  • Demand seasonality
  • Outages

Selection and Implementation of ETRM Systems

  • RFI and RFP design and valuation
  • Vendor selection
  • System implementation


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Enterprise Corporate Risk Management

This Service Will Add Value To:


  • LNG portfolio buyers, by helping to optimize their portfolio.
  • Buyers who intend to trade their LNG cargoes, by helping them to maximize their returns and minimize losses.
  • Sellers that need to optimize their cargoes, by helping them to identify the best combination between short/mid/long-term strategies.
  • Procurement and strategic planning departments, by arriving at an ADP (Annual Delivery Plan) to meet the demand profile while respecting the required flexibility at the minimum LNG procurement cost.


  • Companies who need to select or change their ETRM (Enterprise Trading & Risk Management) systems.
  • Companies with existing ETRM systems who require assistance with the implementation.


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Research & Analysis

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    FGE's comprehensive service for clients looking for valuable insights, analysis, strategic advice, and analytics on the global gas/LNG market dynamics, with a particular focus on the East of Suez region.

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  • Middle East & North Africa Gas Service

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  • LNG Online Data System

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  • 11th Middle East Gas Insiders (MGI) 2017

    May 3-4, 2017 - Dubai, UAE - MGI is a well-established annual forum for gas executives to assess the options for building successful business strategies in LNG, pipelines, and downstream natural gas and power markets. MGI will share the latest insights on key market developments for natural gas and LNG.

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  • China Petroleum & Gas Insiders (CPGI)

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  • Pacific Gas Insiders (PGI)

    PGI is an intensive 2-day briefing for gas executives to assess options for building successful strategies for investment in LNG, pipelines, downstream natural gas and power markets in Asia.

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