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Ad-hoc Consulting Service


With more than 30 years of experience delivering client tailored consulting, it is our ability to provide transparency to often opaque markets and advice on how to position yourself in the energy markets, that truly sets FGE ahead of the competition.

FGE is a pre-eminent global oil and gas consultancy which provides leading independent research, analysis, consultation, and advisory services to a large and diverse client base across the world.

FGE’s unique strength comes from both its knowledge and insights as well as its relationships with key players in the oil and gas markets. Our global team of experts specialize on both sector and country/regional knowledge; thus reinforcing this network and ensuring that our insights are current, relevant, and consistent across the technical and commercial arenas.

Our specialized consulting service utilizes our expert knowledge and vast experience of the global oil and gas markets, including energy forecasting, identifying market trends, LNG marketing, procurement, compliance regulations, refining sector, transportation, storage, and more, to provide clients with the tools necessary to make accurate business decisions.

Scope of Coverage

Consulting Services

  • Feasibility Studies - FGE works closely with clients to evaluate the feasibility of their proposed project, enabling clients to make more strategically informed decisions surrounding their investment decisions.
  • Supply, Demand, Pricing Forecasts and Analysis - FGE has a long history of providing accurate and reliable forecasts of the fundamentals, and maintains supply, demand, and pricing forecasts for the short-, medium-, and long-term (up to 2040).
  • Economic and Commercial Modeling
  • Refining Sector Assessments - Includes refining margin calculations, forecasts and analysis, and project assessments.
  • Contract Due Diligence and Negotiations
  • Project Management
  • Market Assessments and Strategies - Including market entry studies, identifying market trends, drivers, and latest market norms.
  • Strategic Advice - Assisting with strategic marketing, procurement, and/or trading recommendations.
  • Executive/Board Level Briefings
  • Introductions with Key Players/Investors - FGE can guide you to the correct individuals and institutions to ensure successful investments in the oil and gas/LNG industry.

Examples of Sectors/Markets Covered

  • Fundamental Analysis (Supply and Demand)
  • Pricing (crude, petroleum products, natural gas, and LNG)
  • Production (oil, petroleum products, natural gas, LNG, and NGLs)
  • Product Balances
  • Trade Flows
  • Refining Sector
  • Liquefaction and Regasification
  • LNG Contract Pricing
  • Pipelines, Shipping, and Transportation



Example Case Studies

Feasibility Study - Oil

A metals company required a detailed analytical base from which to assess the logistical feasibility of constructing new petroleum storage and terminal facilities in the Middle East. FGE provided the client with a comprehensive analysis of refining capacities, an assessment of storage facilities and oil terminals (reviewing major existing and planned terminals and facilities, storage leasing fees in the Middle East, technical analysis of major facilities, recommendations for expansion, and recommendations of capacity and allocation of storage tanks), and product balances (detailed annual balances for demand, supply, imports and exports) for several Middle Eastern countries. Our analysis confirmed that a growth in products trade in the region would in fact require additional storage facilities within a particular country, and allowed the client to make a more strategically informed decision surrounding their investment opportunity.

Refining Margin Assessment and Forecast

A private equity company wanted FGE to create a bespoke refinery margin for them so they could analyze margins from a particular refinery in Europe. FGE was able to develop a model for the client that looked at the impact of crude oil freight, the benefit of product pricing, benefit of premium and niche products over the standard more fungible products, and the benefits due from the refinery’s “cost optimization programme”. FGE provided an historic analysis to cover 2015 and 2016. As a result of the project work FGE carried out, the client was able to clearly determine whether or not to proceed with a large investment in a particular refinery and also identify where the sources of value were.


Strategic Advice - Gas/LNG

A gas company required strategic advice on the market allocation of mid/long-term, short-term, and spot LNG during the period 2017-2021 in order to help formulate its business plan, which includes a LNG procurement and investment plan. FGE provided the client with a comprehensive look at the fundamentals picture over the short/medium/long-term, identified where available volumes were coming from and how realistic they are to supply the Asian market as spot/short-term volumes, and identified the sellers and their likely marketing strategies for these volumes.

Market Assessment - Oil

An offshore drilling company required a long-term market sizing study focused on offshore drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico to assist with corporate planning, and for them to better understand how the drop in oil prices has changed the outlook for offshore drilling activity in the Gulf of Mexico. FGE approached the problem in two ways. Using our data-centric approach we analyzed over 26 million lines of data to understand the expectations of new wells coming online. We then used FGE’s long-term oil market outlook and long-term capital allocation models to understand how and when drilling would start to increase in the Gulf of Mexico.


Market Assessment - Gas/LNG

An international financial institution required a complete assessment of the key drivers of future international residual fuel oil prices through 2040, together with a summary forecast of potential LNG prices through 2030. FGE provided the client with a detailed assessment of potential crude oil price developments (dynamics of crude oil supply and demand and the implications for long-term prices), prospects for global fuel oil and middle distillates, fuel oil price outlook to 2040, and a summary review of international LNG price projections through 2030, with an outline of key drivers. FGE’s assessment provide the client with detailed analysis of the key drivers of the residual fuel oil market, therefore allowing them to advise their clients more effectively.



Further Information

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