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Oil Sector Coverage


FGE provides a deep and solid understanding of the oil market fundamentals, together with a comprehensive awareness of the implications they have on the rest of the oil value chain, at a global, regional, and product level.

Our comprehensive understanding of what is currently happening in the oil market, and where the market is heading allows clients to better position themselves in the future.

We combine industry insights, detailed data analytics and our expert knowledge of the global/regional oil markets to provide timely and accurate consultation to a variety of clients from multiple sectors, including financial institutions, banks and traders, major oil companies, national oil companies, independent refiners, government agencies, shipping and transportation companies, and utilities firms.

Scope of Coverage


  • Crude/NGL Production
  • Oil Products Demand
  • Crude and Products Inventories
  • Refining Capacity & Runs
  • Crude and Products Supply/Demand
  • Crude and Products Regional Trade
  • Crude and Products Pricing
  • Refinery Margins & Products Cracks
  • Geopolitical Analysis


Analytics and analysis provided on a global, regional & country level for most sectors.

Products Covered

  • Crude Oil (WTI, Dated Brent, Dubai, Urals Med, Urals NWE, LLS, and Mars)
  • Naphtha
  • Gasoline (Ron92, Ron95, Ron97)
  • Gasoil/Diesel
  • Jet/Kerosene
  • Fuel Oil
  • LPG

Research & Analysis

Our oil related research and analysis services are proven to benefit clients by strengthening their understanding of the key fundamentals, providing the necessary resources to help them make more accurate business decisions, and to identify paradigm shifts in the oil markets. This is achieved through consistent consultation with our expert oil team, regular reports, analytics, and industry alerts.

  • Short-Term Global Oil

    FGE's Short-Term Global Oil Market Service provides up-to-date fundamental analysis of the key events and data affecting the oil markets, together with consistent forecasting of future trends.

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  • World Oil Market Reports

    The suite of reports incorporates a detailed, internally-consistent database covering crude/NGL output and main oil products supply/demand encompassing: crude/NGL supply, refinery runs and output, products demand, crude/products stocks, and regional/global balances.

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  • Africa Oil

    FGE's specialized regional monthly for both upstream and downstream companies seeking a comprehensive view of Africa's dynamic markets, together with accurate and reliable forecasts of crude and products supply, demand, and balances, with potential trade implications.

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  • Middle East Oil

    FGE's leading monthly report for analysts and executives seeking unique and reliable assessments of the complexities that exist within the Middle East's oil market.

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  • Latin America Oil

    FGE's specialized regional report provides consistently reliable insights and forecasts for downstream companies seeking a comprehensive view of the dynamic Latin American and Caribbean petroleum product markets and likely import trends.

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  • European Oil

    FGE's comprehensive regional report for analysts and executives seeking insight, analysis, and data on Europe's oil market and the position it plays within the global oil marketplace.

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  • FSU Oil

    FGE's specialized FSU monthly report incorporates a detailed, internally-consistent database covering crude/NGL output amd main products supply/demand, with the focus on FSU crude/products exports trends.

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  • East of Suez Oil

    FGE's leading East of Suez oil service provides clients with the very best research and analytics, information, and insights on the Asia Pacific and Middle East oil markets.

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  • China Oil Service

    FGE's China oil service provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the key aspects of the sector developments, refining business, and oil markets in China.

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  • Iran Oil and Gas

    Our Iran Oil and Gas Service builds upon decades of research, consulting, and professional networking to provide our clients with a detailed and comprehensive analysis of Iran's oil and gas industry.

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  • Oil Online Data System

    FGE's Online Data System for Oil (ODS) allows clients to flexibly query FGE's proprietary supply and demand data for crude and refined products at a country or regional level, allowing you to identify potential pressure points and regional flows.

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Specialized Consulting

  • Specialized Consulting Overview

    Our specialized consulting services utilize FGE's expert knowledge and vast experience of the global oil market, enabling us to provide tailored consultation to clients looking for feasibility studies, economic and commercial modelling, the identifying of new business opportunities, and more.

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Commercial Advisory Services

Our commercial advisory services are recommended in cases where the client needs ongoing in-depth consultation on commercial activities. Each of our CAS are tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Iran Oil and Gas Commercial Advisory Overview

    While building on decades of our research, consulting, and professional networking in Iran and the Middle East, we now offer our clients commercial advice and guidance across the energy sectors in Iran.

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Multi-Client Studies

FGE has a long history of delivering the highest quality focused and insight-driven studies. These studies deliver comprehensive primary research that is focused on major industry trends and hot topics in the global oil and natural gas markets.

  • Iran Post Sanctions Study

    Business and investment opportunities in the Iranian oil and gas sector—what everyone in the oil and gas business needs to know about Iran!

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Our two-day briefings, conducted year round at various locations in the world and delivered by our top experts, combine our technical and market knowledge to provide a market snapshot built from the latest data, knowledge and insights developed from FGE. Combined with rich discussions with faculty and peers, these briefings provide an incisive approach for decision making on competitive and strategic levels.

  • Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI)

    FGE's annual Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) Briefing offers attendees authoritative and insightful analysis on the outlook for this crucial region. It also provides an opportunity to hear from FGE personnel and discuss issues that are fundamental to how the oil markets evolve with industry leaders.

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  • China Petroleum & Gas Insiders (CPGI)

    FGE's Annual China Petroleum and Gas Insiders Briefing (CPGI) is the only event of its kind, with individual oil and gas briefings bookable separately. These briefings will be vital opportunities for executives to assess the latest market developments and directions in the East of Suez region.

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  • Pacific Petroleum Insiders (PPI)

    FGE's long-running annual Pacific Petroleum briefing, trusted by senior management and corporate planners responsible for business development and strategic direction seeking an insightful vision of the Asia Pacific downstream market.

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