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Oil Online Data System (ODS)

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FGE's Oil ODS brings all your oil data needs into one easy-to-use platform

FGE’s Oil Online Data Service (ODS) allows clients to flexibly query FGE’s proprietary supply and demand data for crude and refined products at a country or regional level, allowing you to identify potential pressure points and regional flows.

Clients who subscribe to FGE’s Oil Online Data Service can view and visualize FGE’s proprietary supply and demand data on a country-by-country basis for the following refined products: LPG, Naphtha, Gasoline, Jet/Kero, Gasoil/Diesel and Fuel Oil.

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How can FGE's Oil ODS benefit me?

  • Global data coverage, with data available for seven different regions which can be geographically displayed on a country or regional level.
  • Quickly identify where product surplus or tightness in the oil market may arise to allow you to assist your analysis in identifying market pressure points.
  • Plot data against a range or against a secondary axis.
  • Ability to analyze and manipulate FGE's latest oil data easily, and then export the data into a chart or image format for use in internal presentations and reports.
  • Analyze data as a monthly, quarterly or annual series.
  • Receive email alerts informing you when the latest FGE data is available.

Access detailed fundamental oil data at a country and regional level

Oil Container

Coverage for all major oil exporting and importing countries.

Oil Barrel

Supply, demand and balances for crude and six major refined products for each country.

Oil Refinery

Refining data covering crude/NGL intake and crude direct use.

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