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FGE’s LPG Service, part of our wider NGLs Service, provides detailed insights into, and analyses and forecasts of, the key issues affecting the global LPG marketplace.

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FGE’s LPG Service, part of our wider NGLs Service, provides detailed insights into, and analyses and forecasts of, the key issues affecting the global LPG marketplace.

The LPG trading market has become increasingly unpredictable due to various developments in 2021: COVID-19, Storm Uri on the US Gulf Coast and US-Iran sanctions to name but a few. LPG industry participants need to understand how these changes will affect supply and demand fundamentals, trade flows and pricing dynamics. We answer these key questions and provide our outlook for short- and medium-term market developments.. We are confident that FGE’s commercial acumen in LPG, combined with our in-depth analysis of global oil and gas markets, give us – and our clients – a unique insight into these issues.

FGE’s LPG Service contains weekly analyses of the changing LPG landscape (via the popular publication LPG Confidential), short-term analyses of regional supply and demand structures (LPG Foresights), longer-term assessments of the direction of LPG supply, demand, shipping, and prices (LPG Forecast) as well as bespoke research via our commercial advisory services, workshops, webinars and ad-hoc studies.

Scope of Coverage

  • Features
    • Up-to-date comprehensive analysis of key fundamental drivers in the global LPG market.
    • Interpretation of trends in LPG markets by region within a global context.
    • Consistent and accurate forecasting of LPG fundamentals and price trends.
    • Detailed projections of main global supply/demand LPG parameters and the implications.
    • Utilization of knowledge and experience which allows rapid assessment of current and future LPG market happenings.
  • Deliverables

    Clients of FGE’s LPG Service have the flexibility to choose from the list of deliverables above, to create their own tailor-made package based on their own individual needs and requirements.

    • LPG Confidential (weekly report).
    • LPG Forecast (released in January with mid-year updates the following July).
    • LPG Workshop
    • LPG Studies
    • LPG Foresights (monthly report and dataset).
    • LPG Commercial Advisory Service

This Service Will Add Value To

  • Traders developing both trading and hedging strategies built on detailed fundamental research.
  • Midstream Companies formulating future policy and hedging strategies.
  • Storage and Logistics Companies forecasting LPG demand for their services.
  • Shipping Companies following trends in LPG trade flows while formulating ship deployment strategies.
  • Finance and Investment Analysts following key global LPG supply/demand analytics and price trends.
  • Importers and Petrochemicals Companies deciding on LPG procurement.
  • National Oil Companies undertaking research on key global trends and making strategic decisions.

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