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LPG Webinar 2019

FGE is delighted to announce it will be holding a webinar focusing on the international LPG market, where we will be taking a deep dive into the factors influencing supply, demand, and trade in LPG markets across the globe, and give our outlook for how the market will evolve over the course of 2019.

There are several topical events which are having a key effect on the global LPG market, these include political spats like the US-Iran sanctions and the trade war between the US and China, which have affected LPG trade flows and potentially opened up parts of Asia to supply from the US. In addition, wider oil market concerns such as the collapse in crude prices in 4Q 2018 and OPEC’s decision to implement further production cuts have had knock-on effects on the economics of LPG supply and trade.

All these elements have played a key role in shaping the landscape for LPG in the latter part of 2018, and we expect their importance will only continue to increase in 2019.

During this webinar some of the main talking points will be:

  • Will US suppliers be able to take advantage of the China trade dispute to increase their market share in the Asia Pacific?
  • As LPG exports out of the Middle East decline due to OPEC production cuts, will West-East arbitrage flows continue to grow?
  • How will Asian consumers replace the lost volumes of Iranian LPG?
  • Will lower oil prices adversely affect US LPG production from shale oil and gas? Will this be mitigated by increased demand for cheaper LPG in developing economies?
  • What is FGE’s outlook for the LPG market in 2019?

Webinar Details

Title: FGE's LPG market outlook for 2019
Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Times: 10:00-10:35 a.m. (Singapore Standard Time) and 5:00-5:35 p.m. (SST) Inc. 10min Q&A. Please note, we will be holding the same webinar twice in one day, at different times, to accommodate the various timezones.
Format: WebEx Webinar
Note: Places are limited. Registrations will be managed on a first-come basis.

Meet our Presenters

Han Wee Webinar Headshot
Mr. Han Wee Ong
Head of LPG,
FGE Singapore

Han Wee Ong is currently a Senior Consultant and Head of LPG in FGE’s Singapore office. As leader of the LPG team, Han Wee is responsible for directing NGL research and analyzing the NGL global markets, in particular East of Suez, including supply, demand, trade, infrastructure, and new projects.



To Webinar (1)
Mr. Thomas Olney
FGE Singapore

As a consultant at FGE, Thomas leads our global coverage of Condensate/Naphtha as well as our Americas coverage of NGLs. On top of this Thomas is in charge of FGE's IMO2020 "Stormy Seas" editorial and short-term shipping focus.


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Webinar Details

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Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2019 Time: 10:00-10:35 a.m. (Singapore Standard Time) and 5:00-5:35 p.m. (SST)

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