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FGE's 26th Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) 2019


FGE's Authoritative and Insightful Outlook for the Middle East Oil Market

FGE's annual Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) briefing offers authoritative and insightful analysis regarding the outlook for this crucial region. It will be an opportunity to hear from FGE personnel and discuss issues that are fundamental to how the oil markets evolve with industry leaders.

Middle East oil production continues to dominate the global oil market, but the impact on US oil production will create material change in the market. Already oil and condensate production associated with the shale gas revolution is almost two million barrels per day. This has had profound effects on the US market, and like ripples on a pond, the impact is spreading.

More information on FGE's MPI 2019 will be made available later this year. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact [email protected]


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