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Ceylon International Petroleum Conference 2018


The CEYLON PETROLEUM WEEK (CPW) series of events to be held from November 27-29 2018 in Colombo will examine the state of the Sri Lankan energy markets and its petroleum value chain, investment prospects for new refineries, exports, expansion in oil storage and the potential for the creation of a South Asian trading and oil storage hub, highlighting with Sri Lanka’s strategic position on East West maritime routes and its expansion of infrastructure and key costal ports. 

The inaugural Ceylon International Petroleum and Gas Conference (CIPC ’18), is intended to bring together leading players in the regional and global oil markets to explore the potential of Sri Lanka as a strategic player with its potential trade linkages to the greater South Asian and Middle East energy mix in oil, gas and refined products supply chain and hinterlands.

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Further information on the Ceylon International Petroleum & Gas Conference 2018 can be found by clicking on the below link.


Ceylon International Petroleum & Gas Conference 2018

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