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27th World Gas Conference (WGC) 2018


The World Gas Conference is held every three years in the country holding the Presidency of the International Gas Union (IGU). WGC 2018 will mark the culmination of the USA Presidency, under the theme “Fueling the Future”, and will promote the IGU’s key objectives of raising the voice of natural gas while offering timely updates.

Conducted since 1931, WGC 2018 is the largest, most high-profile and significant global gas conference and exhibition. WGC 2018 will be the definitive gathering of influential leaders, buyers and sellers, policy-makers and experts from around the world. You will hear business critical insights and lively debates on the most topical issues facing the global gas industry today and in the future.

FGE Speakers

Dr. Fesharaki will be presenting at WGC's 'The Global Geopolitics of Gas' session on Wednesday June 27, at 10.20-11.40 am.

Further information on WGC 2018 can be found by clicking on the below link.

WGC 2018

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