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28th Pacific Petroleum Insiders (PPI) 2018

In-depth Analysis and Insights for the Downstream Oil Market

Crude oil and products markets are being roiled by an array of forces—ranging from volatile geopolitics and fluctuating oil prices, to the impact of US exports and impending restrictions on sulfur in marine bunkers. Long-standing industry players are confronting new entrants, while seeing new business opportunities.

The Asia Pacific remains as the critical driver of global growth, but it increasingly interacts with far-away regions. It is crucial to understand the forces behind these interactions, and how they will change over time.

Aside from market forces in the ever-changing world, it is vital to have insights on opaque government policies and shifting corporate priorities. FGE is uniquely qualified to shine a light on these key issues.



  • Day 1: AM Sessions
    Agenda September 20, A.M

    Session 1: Key Issues Confronting the Global Oil & Gas Markets

    • Dr. Fesharaki shares his views on the key issues confronting the global oil and gas business.


    Session 2: Oil Market Outlook

    • Hot Topics: What is the potential impact of US sanctions on Iran's oil exports? How low could Venezuela's output go? How will other producers respond? What other potential shocks are lurking around the corner?
    • Global Oil Supply–Knowns & Unknowns: Will recent higher prices stimulate US oil output even more? What could this mean for US crude exports? What is the outlook in other key non-OPEC producers?
    • Global Oil Demand–Disruptive Forces: How much could higher prices dent oil demand growth? What is the potential impact of IMO 2020 on demand? When could there be “peak” demand?
    • Price Parameters: In the current increasingly-uncertain world, what is the potential range for oil prices? What is the most likely price path?


    Session 3: Roundtable on Critical Factors Driving the Oil Market

    • US tight oil, IMO 2020, electric vehicles, refining-petchem projects: How could these factors affect the oil market outlook? Are there any other wildcards?
  • Day 1: PM Sessions
    Agenda September 20, P.M

    Session 4: Asian Downstream

    • Which countries and which products will lead demand growth? Any surprises ahead?
    • How is demand growth reacting to higher prices? Electrification gaining ground?
    • Who is building/expanding refineries and why? What is real and what is not? Have priorities shifted?
    • What are the most interesting developments/opportunities?
    • What are refiners' strategies to deal with the IMO shift?
    • Regional movers and shakers to watch—highlights of key developments across various countries.


    Session 5: China: Uncertainties Continue

    • How is the government shaping the energy space in China? Further surprises ahead?
    • Outlook for oil products demand, SPRs and overseas investments?
    • Will independents continue to shake the refining landscape? When can we expect a level playing field? Domestic refining surplus to reshape the future roadmap?
    • What can we expect for product exports? What are the constraints?

     Session 6: India: Dust Settles After a Convoluted 2017

    • India’s oil demand growth: Starts and pauses—What to expect?
    • Refining sector: Expansions and upgrades underway. Several greenfield projects under consideration; will any of these see sunlight next decade?
    • Product exports on a downtrend after peaking last year?
  • Day 2: AM Sessions
    Agenda September 21, A.M

    Session 7: Japan: Consolidation Continues

    • METI’s objective for the Refining Ordinance III and impact on Japanese refiners, as well as the regional markets.
    • Impact of industry consolidation? Will Japan turn to product exports?


    Session 8 : West of Suez Developments: Implications for Asia

    • Have US refining and trade dynamics changed again?
    • Latin America & Africa: Will the slowdown in refining capacity additions open new trading opportunities from other regions?
    • What is the latest outlook for Russian products exports?
    • Changing patterns of Atlantic Basin products trade.
    • How will product flows to/from Asia be affected?
  • Day 2: PM Sessions
    Agenda September 21, P.M

    Session 9: Middle East: Disruptive Forces

    • What are the prospects for Iraq/KRG post-referendum: Crude output, existing KRG PSCs, latest bidding round, northern Iraq production/exports and southern Iraq export capacity expansions?
    • What are the prospects for Iran post-US sanctions renewal: Crude output, upstream MOUs/HOAs/contracts, condensate flows, downstream projects, product/fuel oil exports?
    • Outlook for Middle East oil demand: Are subsidy policy changes shifting trends?
    • Who is building what refining capacity and why? Following recent trend of integrated refineries (and petrochemical), will COTC be the next wave?
    • Middle East refining expansions and growing products exports: Heading east or west?


    Session 10: Outlook for LPG and Condensate

    • How are US exports impacting the East of Suez LPG market?
    • Can demand growth propel LPG prices upwards?
    • New splitters vs. Iranian and US condensate supplies—which will drive the market?


    Session 11: Challenges and Opportunities

    • Where are the opportunities and who are the potential winners/losers?
    • What are the key sensitivities and foreseeable surprises?

Meet our Speakers

Ff Website
Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki
Chairman, FGE

Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki is the Founder and Chairman of FGE. FGE is a leading consulting group focusing on the oil and gas markets East of the Suez, Europe, and the United States, with offices in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Beijing,  and Houston. 

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Jeff Brown Website
Dr. Jeff Brown
President, FGE

Dr. Jeff Brown, as President, leads FGE’s oil and gas consulting teams.  He is based at our Asian headquarters in Singapore, working closely with FGE consultants in Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

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Michael Barry Website
Mr. Michael Barry
Director of Research, FGE London

Michael Barry has over 30 years' experience in oil/energy consultancy. He graduated in Economics from Cambridge University in 1978 and was employed as an economic report writer for Lloyds Bank, before spending 10 years at Petroleum Economics Ltd (PEL) where he was responsible for short-term oil and energy market analysis.

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Steve Sawyer Website
Mr. Steve Sawyer
Director of Refining, FGE London

Steve Sawyer has over 35 years of experience in the downstream, strategic planning, commercial optimisation, operational and analytical roles and has worked for FGE since 2012, following five years with Petroplus as Manager, Production Planning & Economics at the Coryton refinery in the UK.



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