FT Commodities Tokyo Summit 2019


Responsible sourcing, sustainability and the shift to cleaner forms of energy are among the big structural changes shaking the world of natural resources. As one of the world’s biggest buyers of commodities, Japan must adapt to these trends while at the same time ensuring security of supply for its manufacturing base, particularly its car makers and steel producers.

While Japan is playing a key role in the burgeoning market for cleaner-burning LNG, it is also the only advanced major economy still planning new coal-fired power stations. At the same time, questions remain about the future of the country’s nuclear industry as competition for the commodities, which will be needed in the transition to a lower carbon future, becomes more intense.

With contributions from leading industry executives and thinkers, this year’s programme will provide unique and valuable insights on they key trends driving the industry as well as the impact of the US-China trade skirmish on commodities markets and the outlook for the Japanese economy.


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FT Commodities Tokyo Summit 2019

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