FGE's 26th Middle East Petroleum Insiders (MPI) 2019


FGE's Authoritative and Insightful Outlook for the Middle East Oil Market

Reduced revenue for the oil-exporting countries in the Middle East is clearly impacting economies of the region, experiencing “the great demand slowdown” recently. But how will this affect the regional demand in the longer term, or the investment plans for new local refineries? Are we going to see more JV investment in refineries abroad, in demand centers? How will the Middle East’s crude and products export markets fare in this environment? Will rising US oil output overwhelm the market, or will lower prices put the brakes on supply? Will the upsurge in China’s products exports continue? How are Middle East refiners reacting in the run-up to IMO 2020?

These issues will all be addressed at the 26th Middle East Petroleum Insiders Briefing which provides a unique, authoritative, and up-to-date perspective on the regional and global implications of the new low oil price world.

Last year’s event focused on the new set of dynamics in the global oil market in a low oil price environment; this year, we will be assessing how the ongoing US battles of price/supply with OPEC and trade tariffs with China will impact the oil market. Both the up and downstream will be covered, providing detailed regional perspectives on production, oil demand, refining capacity and utilization, with the implications for the Middle East’s role in the rapidly-changing landscape of international products trade.

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