26th Annual Condensate & Naphtha Forum


The Condensate & Naphtha Forum, held annually since 1996 in Asia, the Middle East & Australia, has evolved into an annual “must attend” event for serious producers, buyers & sellers of Condensate & Naphtha. With business interactions at the highest levels, underscored by the presence of market leaders in the condensate, naphtha and petrochemical industries, the Forum provides an annual platform for the exchange of industry dialogue and networking opportunities.

The advent of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the resultant EU/US-led policy towards reducing dependency on Russian energy exports, has forged a new reality for the oil and gas markets. Previously, the complexities of navigating shifting geopolitical concerns and petrochemical market dynamics were highlighted. More recently, the global challenge of reaching net zero while also ensuring new hydrocarbon supplies are developed near term, has taken centre stage. We are constantly reminded of the dynamism in the way we formulate our strategies in the short and long run:-

  • Oil demand in a post COVID world – the developing world has some ways to go when it comes to transportation fuel demand growth. What role can condensates play to address mid-term gaps in requirements for refined products?
  • Long run petrochemical growth against a reluctance to invest in new capacity – what may the next petrochemical cycle bring?
  • The long run supply curve for NGLs – the LNG cycle as the final frontier?
  • Net-zero global challenges for condensate markets – How will new regulations and increasing carbon oversight impact producers/sellers long on high carbon products?
  • With the rising complexity of navigating through the regulatory and market environment over the next 10 years, what are the opportunities and risks faced by condensate & naphtha markets?

Join top management and energy experts from leading condensate producers, buyers and sellers in-person in Phuket this year, for frank discussions on the opportunities and challenges of the industry, as the world recovers from COVID-19 and moves to meet the challenges of the energy transition and energy security concerns.

FGE Chairman Dr. Fereidun Fesharaki and President Dr. Jeff Brown will be the co-chairmen of the Condensate & Naphtha Forum on 29-30 November 2022.


FGE Conference Co-Chairmen

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