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Russian Transit Volumes Across Ukraine Still Significant


What is a more possible scenario is disruption to oil/gas flows across Ukraine, if the current situation develops into confrontation.

Transit volumes of natural gas from Russia to Europe across Ukraine totalled 86 bcm in 2013, but it is thought that up to half these volumes could be diverted using the Nord Stream pipeline’s spare capacity. In terms of oil, the volumes through the southern leg of the Druzhba pipeline, crossing western Ukraine to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, have been running at around 300 kb/d recently. Some significant volumes of oil products are also exported from Ukraine, mostly after transit from Russia by rail, from various ports (including Sevastopol and Kerch in Crimea), totalling 200-250 kb/d.


Further information on FGE's FSU Oil Monthly report can be found online by clicking on the link below.


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