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BFOE loadings for October showed zero QP to Ekofisk loadings


Platts quality premiums for BFOE loadings in October showed that no QP will be applied to Ekofisk loadings.

This is the first time since the QP assessment began in 2013 that no QP has been allocated to either Oseberg or Ekofisk. Platts had recently changed the threshold for a QP to 25 cents/bbl. The QPs are based on 60% of the average difference between either Ekofisk or Oseberg and the most competitive crude in the BFOE stream for the previous month. However, if 60% of the average difference is lower than 25 cents/bbl no QP will be added. The Oseberg QP for October loadings was set at $0.3384/bbl. 


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