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Distinguished Associates

Mr Camiel Broecheler - Business and corporate development consultant in energy and logistics.
The Hague, Netherlands

Mr Broecheler has been working as an independent consultant in the energy and logistics sector since late 2018. With his 20 years+ experience his work is focussed on business- and corporate development activities. Through his broad experience, he has a profound understanding of mid- and downstream business principles across the various product groups.

With an engineering background he started his career in offshore construction. In 2005 Mr Broecheler joined liquid bulk storage operator Vopak where he has served in the various roles, all linked to business growth initiatives:

  • Design & construction;
  • Sales;
  • Business- and corporate development.

During his last 6 years in Vopak, Camiel has led multidisciplinary teams on expanding the Vopak footprint by leading M&A activities and managing asset development initiatives towards investment decision in the EMEA region.